To Embrace the Light

by Subject to Thoughts

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This album was released back in 2006. It was the 2nd album for StT when it was still a solo project.


released July 25, 2006

Subject to Thoughts: All instruments & vocals

All music & lyrics by Subject to Thoughts
Produced & Recorded by Subject to Thoughts



all rights reserved


Subject to Thoughts Texas

Subject to Thoughts was a two-man band from Texas & West Virginia.

Their influences were Dream Theater, My Dying Bride, Anekdoten, Enchant, and Katatonia.

Unfortunately, the project is no longer active.
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Track Name: To Embrace the Light
Everything I once thought would bring me happiness
Turned out to be irrelevant
My life was like a puzzle
With no sign in belief

Seeing myself behind the stained glass
Takes me back to a time of uncertainty
But I now realize
The chains have been set free

As I embrace the light
With all that is left in me
I will no longer feel the pain
Now that I’ve embraced the light
I feel my life is now complete

Only 2 things kept me alive
And that was faith and trust
Life definitely has a mysterious way
Of placing his hands on me

Now that I am a changed man
My perspective on life
Begins with a clean slate
Filled with promise and understanding
Of everything around me
As I look to the sky
A sense of accomplishment
Sets in me
Track Name: Birth of A New Soul
Gratitude or loneliness
Which would you prefer
This is the predicament that I have been placed on
For this so called life of mine

After all these years
I finally came to my senses
And realized

That life
Is to short
To dwindle
In the past

Once a victim of my own pain and misery
That was to difficult to understand
I have learned to cope with it
And leave it behind

The start of something new and fresh
Allows the birth of my new soul
To shine
Track Name: Winds of Hope
Drifting signs and changing times
Is a nice change of pace
From the life I once led
With no aspirations

Just like the shifting air in the sky
My eyes saw the better day
Now it is my duty
To see the truth

The winds of hope
Transcend me to
The only place
I found serenity

Like a drop of water in the subtle lake
Peacefully paints a picture
The aura around my inner self
Ascends to a new purpose

Eclipsing time like the grains of sand
For what is to come
Yet my body and soul
Aspire with hope
Track Name: Accepting the Destiny
Everyday a constant struggle
Just to get by
Life was beginning to become a strain
For me just to continue

So much darkness in my eyes
That I almost ended my life
Then I called on him to provide
He said son, don’t you worry
You’ll be fine

Angels from above
Call on my name
I am ready for your command
So place this burden on me
I have to complete
For my life to be saved

It was about time
I saw a change of scenery
You forgave all my sins
So now I shall repay you
With my life
This is my gift to you

Chorus x 2
As I’ve learned to see beyond
My eyes now see the truth

As I’ve learned to accept my destiny
I now feel complete
Track Name: Reality Sets In
I knew that the time
Would one day come
The passing of something close to my heart
It was better to coincide
With the fact
That the hourglass
Counts away

I hope to one day meet you
In the heaven so divine
Once reality sets in

Now that I reflect
Back on my life
I am glad
That I decided to change

Or I would not
Be writing this song today
As my ashes
Would be blown away

I am so thankful
That I had another chance
To live my life again

As my previous chapter
In my past
Is now ancient history
Now I begin a new chapter
On my life
That I hope I will succeed

Even though time took its time
To reassure me
That I was doing
The only thing
Which would help keep me sane