The Culmination

by Subject to Thoughts

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"The Culmination" was the final album. Released on May 5, 2010. This was the 2nd album with bandmate Brandon S. The album concluded the 4 part conceptual vision. "The Culmination" was about finding closure in life. The music was genuine, melodic, Progressive, and brooding, but most importantly, it was from the heart.


released May 5, 2010

Subject to Thoughts: Mark & Brandon

All music & lyrics by Mark
Guitar Solos & Vocals by Brandon

Produced & Recorded by Subject to Thoughts
Mixed & Mastered by Brandon



all rights reserved


Subject to Thoughts Texas

Subject to Thoughts was a two-man band from Texas & West Virginia.

Their influences were Dream Theater, My Dying Bride, Anekdoten, Enchant, and Katatonia.

Unfortunately, the project is no longer active.
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Track Name: Since the Inception
Now that the sunset has faded away
I follow the engaging light
As I hear the echoes from afar
As if someone is calling my name

Life has flashed before my eyes
As temptation has now emptied its sins
It's time to seek the redemption
That I inspired to find

Since the inception
My eyes have seen
The judgement that awaits

Since the inception
My eyes have seen
The life that awaits
Track Name: Remembering, Who I Am
Can you imagine what life would be like
If I would have never seen the light

As I reminisce
Through all my thoughts
Once a lost soul
Now free of convictions

Thankfully those times are now behind me
And there is purpose to what is left of me

As I relive
Through all my emotions
Once a lost soul
Now free to breathe

Calmness in my eyes
Existence in my sight
Track Name: One Day
Knowing that the paths would pass
Yet persistence was the answer
To see is too believe
For the trail is now told

Longing for one more day
As I accept
My own destiny

Through the hands of time
Misery drowned in its own sins
Leaving only hope to foresee
The stillness of the next breath

Longing for more day
For these wounds
To heal

Looking back into what remains
The bleak portrayal is erased
To paint a new picture
Of this so called life

Light is the constant emotion
That dwells inside
With each passing day
Fate falls upon thy hands
Track Name: Calming Effect
Awaken to embrace all of the serene
Left for me to respire
Close your eyes
And dream onto the next life

Deep inside this soul
I hear the calmness cry

Deep inside this soul
The voices cry
Track Name: Deepest Regret
Through all this time
Words only portray a thought
To hide behind this lie
Still remains unclear

To evolve is to achieve
Into something far beyond
Yet holding on to the recollections
Keeps faith alive

Thinking of what is yet to come
Has made me realize
That patience is a virtue
With an open mind

Deep within my memory
Salvation searches for some truth
To seek comfort inside this pause
Till the mirror makes a sign

Bear witness to my own contempt
As this is my deepest regret
Track Name: Memories Embedded Within
With only perception surrounding me
I'm solely left to imagine

The peacefulness of the air above
Amends a new lease on life

Feelings of elation sweep me away
Into the hands of grace
It seems it is time
The calling has arrived

Now that my dream appears true
My understanding sounds at peace
Knowing that what I've asked from life
Finally caught up to me

From here to yesterday
The memories
Remain the same

From here to eternity
The memories
Begin to change
Track Name: Serenity in My Eyes
Every night and day
The pain washes away

In my eyes

See the life beyond
Upon the bright sky

In my eyes
Track Name: The Culmination
As this venture
Begins to unwind
I reflect
Upon the times
When destiny
Was far from reach
Belief brought
Me to my knees

I have known
Seems to be
Falling into place
Reasons of
Help transcend
My thoughts into ease

Enter into the infinite divine
And become one of daylight's pace

With time on my side
The healing process is upon

With every gazing moment
My memory
Reflects onto
The culmination

What I have seen and become
Will only make me stronger

Now the brisk of the air
Ascends me into the next revolution

With every ticking moment
My memory
Reflects onto
The culmination
Track Name: Remaining
I sit back and relax to think of what I've become
I will retell the story of what remains of me
Never again
Will time fade me into nothing less
Living a lie disguised my feelings

Burning inside is the fire
That finally saw the day
Faulting on my conscious
Was a mistake
As the dark saw the light
It went and faded away
As I will now remain true

There's nothing I can do
To change myself
Life has made me this way
And there's no turning back

There's something I can do
To change this life
Faith is to believe
Into the beyond
Track Name: Before the Leaves Fall
Through the wading hours
A bright white light emerges
To fall into a sense of reason
Brings an amenity of hope

To fight off the endless struggle
Before the leaves fall
Is what I strive

Inside this retrospective
My feelings and emotions lay to rest
To seek the redemption that lurks inside
I await to answer my purpose

To fight off the endless struggle
Before the leaves fall
Is what I strive

I hold my life in debt
To the skies above
Searches for a premonition
Embraces all that I believe

Praising every second of my will
And the conscious confides

Speaking the truth
And the day comes alive
Track Name: Closure to the Soul
With wisdom and might consoling me
The sensation reaches a point
Into a scene of visual escape
The clouds have been lifted

As silence embodies the innocent
I realize the expected is here
Visions of what I had dreamt
Allow the spirit to shine through

To seize the momentous occasion
I pause and savior the relief
When life was a foregone conclusion
The trust in me survived

To look back with no regrets
As my aura is set free
The winds slowly fade
As my eyes have come full circle

Into the arms
Of my kindred life
Place closure to the soul

Into the arms
Of my kindred light
Place closure to the soul