From Sunrise to Sunset

by Subject to Thoughts

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This was the 3rd album & the first to include Brandon S. on Vocals/Guitar Solos. The album was about trying to find hope within a day.


released September 10, 2007

Subject to Thoughts: Mark & Brandon

All music & lyrics by Mark
Guitar Solos & Vocals by Brandon

Produced & Recorded by Subject to Thoughts



all rights reserved


Subject to Thoughts Texas

Subject to Thoughts was a two-man band from Texas & West Virginia.

Their influences were Dream Theater, My Dying Bride, Anekdoten, Enchant, and Katatonia.

Unfortunately, the project is no longer active.
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Track Name: From Sunrise to Sunset
As I wake up to the sounds of pouring rain
I notice something is different
Is it me
Or are the skies forever changing

As I view through the window
The hands of time keep evolving
Is it a sign
Or are the better days ahead of me

From sunrise to sunset
The dawn appears
From sunrise to sunset
The day begins

Getting closer to thy destination
Makes me ponder in relief
As the waves of my emotions
Seemingly abide

Tears of exuberance roll down my eyes
As the divine awaits
Anticipation is my own worst enemy
Yet time will tell

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Staring Into the Sky
Once lost in my own sense of being
Was far from the outcry
The struggle to maintain hope
Almost became my demise

Trying to figure out the purpose
Always left me with no answer
In the end of it all
The calmness of my soul
Came to life

Chorus x 2
As I stare into the sky
I perceive how the days
Changed for me

Now that the stars have aligned
I transcend into a new universe
Not sure of the end result
I only pray to prevail

As I near the revelation
My life seems to have understood
The meaning to the question

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: The Light Seen
Now that I have returned from my journey
My soul has regained the passion
Feeling so in ease
My mind readmits itself into the sunlight

Chorus x 2
The light seen
Only leads the way
1) To wherever it takes me
2) To somewhere beyond this life

My own conscious is my own redemption
Nevermore will I see pain
As the road has opened its doors
Keeps me alive

Chorus x 2
The light seen
Only leads the way
1) To wherever it takes me
2) To somewhere beyond this life

Yet these eyes have seen it all
From darkness to light
So please take my hand
As I wish
For this to end

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: The Peaceful Serenade
Free to see ahead
From all my pain and misery
It is funny how life works
Keep pushing the envelope
And you’ll see the results

Serenading the thoughts of my mind
Into finding peace within
Is something I have embraced
Till the end of time

As life now moves forward
A shift in the skies is apparent
Inspiration guides the innocent
To the safe haven

Voices and whispers all around
Embrace any doubts still left inside
To seek the knowledge
Insights the soul to strive

The peaceful serenade
Helps me survive
The nightmare inside
That once laid beside

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Closer to Salvation
As the lines draw nearer
The hands of time strike 12:00
As sunrise slowly begins to fade
The sky turns pitch black

Now that dawn resides
A sense of stillness comes alive
Emerging upon our very eyes
A brand new day subsides

As fate would have it
Treading waters is a sin

Through the eyes of the savior
Lay the steps
Closer to salvation

Yet expanding the horizon
Silences the cries

Through the eyes of the forsaken
Lay the steps
Closer to salvation

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Whisper
Pressure mounts every single day
To maintain the belief within the soul
Yet a deep inspiring breath
Comforts the hope

The search for light
Marks the rational progression
As the days become clearer

Dream onto the next life
Makes it all worthwhile
As the process is to outshine

Whisper the words
1) That help bring peace
To a calling soul
2) That embrace
The life beyond

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Into the Horizon
As time slowly approaches
The land of the forgiven
A change in the air around
Starts shifting the skies

From torrent to subtle
The waters of the sea glide
Now that sunrise becomes sunset
The rebirth of a new soul is told

Follow the echoes of retribution
Down a path never walked before
No matter the circumstance
Faith will always persevere

In the blink of an eye
The fiction now turns into reality
Just like the tranquil times
The sounds of a sigh are now heard

Chorus x 2
Into the horizon
Lies the truth
That is waiting to be saved

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: The Morning Emerges
Longing to see beyond redemption
As the echoes voice their belief
In equanimity
Remember the day’s past

To see past into the foreseen
Envisions the writing on the wall
Making its way seemingly
The cries embrace in delight

When the morning emerges
Things begin to change

The quietness within
Leaves an everlasting mark
Wondering what will become
Of tomorrow’s dream

The mind makes it so surreal
Yet waiting is the key
As to oversee the burden within
Helps revive a coming of age

When the morning emerges
Into a serenading blur

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Beneath the Questions
The faithful live from here to eternity
While the faithless crumble

Beneath the questions
Lie all the answers
That you seek to find

Faith is each onto its own
It’s like an entity with or without a soul

Beneath the questions
Lie all the answers
That you seek to find

To doubt these words
Is all part of the natural phenomenon
To believe or not to believe
Is the reality to this journey

Heading towards a new day
The hourglass nears the end
It is now time
To decide the fate that awaits

Lyrics by Mark M.
Track Name: Revelation to the Answer
Closing in on a life full of purpose
The pieces of the puzzle are now complete
As the sense of direction is now clear
The revelation to the answer is told

To live in constant fear of the next day
Made the transition non-conflicting
Allow the wings of your emotions
To see into the light ahead

Time is like the infinite sky
Now that tranquility is by your side
Seeking the reality towards the truth
Is something that now makes sense

Follow the inhibitions of the beating heart
And you’ll see past all the sorrows
Now that the heavens have shine down
Nothing but poise and relief set in the soul

Destined to find solitude
The answers to the prayers
Have now been heard

Lyrics by Mark M.